Please stop overusing these Marketing buzzwords – I beg you!

Just like with society “it” girls, there are many Marketing buzzwords that are oh-so of-the-moment. Sadly, they often don’t mean anything and sometimes even constitute an oxymoron. However, everyone feels pressured to use them, myself included (I must admit). That is, until they get replaced by new, even more annoying ones. The list could be endless, but I have limited it to the ones that I find the most cringe-worthy.

Actionable Analytics – Shouldn’t all analytics be used to plan strategic concepts and measures? What are non-actionable analytics then? Ones you just look at and then dismiss? Ridiculous…

Advertainment – We get it, ads should be engaging, captivating and entertaining. But isn’t that a given? Do we need to create yet another merger word just to remind ourselves not to make boring ads?

Content Marketing / Content is king – Please… Almost everything we do in Marketing (and Communications) is content-related. We create it, place it, analyse its effect, adapt it, place it again, and so on and so forth. What else would we be doing?!

Disruptors – Oh, how I hate this one! Innovators and game changers move aside; you have been relabelled!


Innovators – Apart from the fact that everyone seems to be an innovator these days, they’re dead now, as they have all become “disruptors”.

Millennials – A whole generation is NOT a specific target group! How could it be?!

Omnichannel Marketing – Seriously, would you run a campaign (or even good content) on only one of your channels? No? Thought so. Case closed.

Pain points – They’re “problems” or “needs”. You can use those words; they are not old-fashioned. Come on, I dare you!

Thought leaders – Along with disruptors, this is another word you feel you must use, even though you don’t really need it. We’re talking about experts here (who voice opinions and ideas and start industry-related discussions among like-minded people); but I guess that it’s not “innovative” and “disruptive” enough, so here we go.


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