The worrying trend towards Jack-of-all-trades jobs in Marketing & Communications

Lately, I’ve been noticing a worrying trend when it comes to job ads in Marketing & Communications, especially here in Austria: more and more companies want Jack-of-all-trades people, one-woman/man-shows. One person should cover it all: content development, ad campaigns, events, online marketing, graphic design, social media, press work, analytics, brand management – the list continues. While the reasoning behind it is clear (Why pay for several people when one can do it all?!), this sets a dangerous trend and causes multiple problems:

  • Decline in specialization and expert knowledge

Rather than perfect what you’re good at (and what you love), people are urged to know a little bit of everything. True specialization and expert knowledge are hence discouraged and – over time – lost.

  • A merging of several, separate disciplines

A graphic designer is – and should “only” be – just that: a graphic designer. He/she should not need to be able to cover press work, events, or online marketing. Similarly, true Marketers or Communication professionals should not need to have in-depth Photoshop or InDesign skills.

Press and media relations are as difficult and intricate a field as is event management, if you want to offer profound expertise and a large network – both of which you need to do the job well.

  • Declining quality of work product

If you have to provide many different services, which all require separate skill-sets, your overall quality and delivery will suffer. This makes no sense from a Marketing point of view, as you want to ensure ROI on all your activities.

  • Overworked, frustrated employees

When you cover it all, and all on your own, you will eventually hit a wall. The inability to deliver well in all areas can seriously impact job satisfaction and lead to high turnover rates.


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