Finding a company you love

It’s important to be happy in your work life. A lot of that is to do with what you actually do – your job. Lucky, if you don’t call it that but rather “profession” – then half your work is already done.

Equally important, however – if not more so – is finding a company you love (working for). Why? Because the burden of having to go to a workplace you don’t like or even loathe is, arguably, even heavier than not being happy with your current role, since you spend a good 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at your company and with your colleagues.

But how to go about it? I find that all these so-called tips on how to find the best company match for you are only somewhat useful. Granted, you should read up on the company’s values, aims and goals, the management, the company culture, etc. And yes, you should try and get a feel for it all during the interview. But how realistic is it that all this will be portrayed correctly during that short 1-hour period?

Thankfully, a lot of companies are now seeing the benefit of finding someone who fits in with their company culture, values and existing employees. Many interviews nowadays are no longer solely focused on a candidate’s CV, his professional achievements and skills, but instead also place an emphasis on personality. Follow-up interviews often include members of the candidate’s team-to-be in an attempt to further test his or her suitability.


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